The rapper Cardi B pleads not guilty

Accused of ordering the attack on two waitresses in a New York club, the 26-year-old artist pleaded not guilty.

US rapper Cardi B pleaded not guilty to charges related to a nightclub brawl last summer at a New York court hearing on Tuesday. “Not guilty, your honor,” said the 26-year-old star.

His appearance in court comes days after his indictment by a grand jury in this case, the court documents detailing fourteen charges against Belcalis Almanzar, his real name.

The alleged facts date back to August 29, 2018. That evening, the small group with which she was present at the Angels Strip Club, a Queens nightclub, allegedly threw furniture on two waitresses of the club, on Cardi B’s order. -even.

During her performance at Los Angeles’ Staples Center on Saturday, Cardi remained defiant on the matter, chanting “I ain’t going to jail, I got a daughter,” at the end of her set.

However, in April, she rejected a plea deal that would’ve granted her a conditional discharge in return for pleading guilty.

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