Donald Trump prepares to enter the ring for the second round

President of the United States to officially launch Florida campaign for re-election in 2020

For now, the US president faces 23 Democrat contenders, 20 of whom will be competing next week in Miami during the first two debates of the campaign. He quickly identified former Vice President Joe Biden as his main opponent and began to attack him. Donald Trump’s campaign team has nevertheless followed with concern the emergence in recent weeks of Elizabeth Warren. The Massachusetts senator, who distils a concrete program with a populist anti-Wall Street message, now follows Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, the favorites for the Democratic nomination.

Trump is betting on the economic health of his country and his anti-immigration message to convince Americans to give him a second chance. After having given up, at the beginning of his term, any desire to rally the Americans, he will have a hard time selling them his policy. Only 34% of his fellow citizens believe that the US economy is healthy thanks to him. And his anti-immigration message did not prevent a large defeat of his Republican Party in the parliamentary elections last November.

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