Donald Trump prepares to enter the ring for the second round

President of the United States to officially launch Florida campaign for re-election in 2020

Polls remain a sensitive topic for the US president. The “New York Times” revealed last week that he had ordered his campaign team to lie about the results of opinion polls that had leaked to the press. Last Wednesday, Donald Trump himself claimed that the results were bogus. He had ensured that he was in the lead in all the states in which his team had commissioned polls. The facts reported by NBC News this weekend offer a different picture: Donald Trump’s campaign has sent back some of his pollsters.

In a deeply divided America between pro-Trump and anti-Trump states, the 2020 presidential election could be played out in a few Midwestern states like Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa, which Donald Trump had managed to to rock in his camp in 2016.

A huge challenge

The stakes in the 2020 presidential election are immense, as Greg Munno, a professor of journalism at Syracuse University in New York State, points out. “If Donald Trump wins again in 2020, his behavior, his disdain for US institutions and the truth will be standardized, codified and rewarded,” the expert analysis.

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