Donald Trump prepares to enter the ring for the second round

President of the United States to officially launch Florida campaign for re-election in 2020

Donald Trump chose Orlando, the city of Disney World, Florida, to launch, on Tuesday, his election campaign for the presidential election of 2020. In a cascade of tweets on the sidelines of a weekend resort in his golf club. Virginia, the president of the United States set the tone of his quest for a second term. He attacked the media on Saturday and Sunday, which he once again accused of being “corrupt” and guilty of “treason”. He attacked the undocumented and his political opponents, whom he described as “radical” and “vicious”. He also self-congratulated in a tweet for the results of his presidency: “No president did what I did in the first two and a half years of his presidency, including the fact that we had one of the best economies in the history of our country. “

Advanced by Joe Biden

Donald Trump also predicted a “huge crowd” Tuesday in Orlando and advised his supporters to “enjoy the show”. His remarks this weekend and Florida’s choice to launch his campaign nonetheless reflect a difficult political reality for him. Donald Trump has been unpopular since taking office in January 2017. According to the latest polls, Reuters and Politico, 41% of Americans approve his policy. It was slightly better than at the beginning of the year, when it had partially paralyzed the US government to force the construction of a wall on the border of the United States and Mexico, but its results remain bad. An internal poll by his campaign team has been beaten by Barack Obama’s former vice president, Joe Biden, in eleven key states he won in 2016, which will be crucial for him in 2020. these states include Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Donald Trump is even ahead of Joe Biden in Georgia, a state still largely conservative.

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