Trump reveals why he retreated from hitting Iran at the last moment

US President Donald Trump confirmed on Friday media reports that he had retreated at the last moment from hitting Iranian targets, shortly after Tehran dropped a US reconnaissance plane.

In a series of Twitter tweets on his official Twitter account, Trump said: “On Monday, they dropped an unmanned dron aircraft flying over international waters.”

He said he had stopped the attack on Tehran 10 minutes before it was launched after it learned it would kill 150 people.

He pointed out that the US military had intended to hit three different sites in Iran last night, without specifying their location or nature.

In a justification for his decision, the US president said the response was disproportionate to the downfall of an unmanned march aircraft, reiterating his firm stance on not allowing Iran to have a nuclear weapon by saying: “Iran can never acquire nuclear weapons.”

He revealed that he was imposing tougher sanctions on Iran, without giving details, but stressed that Iran is now much weaker, compared to the beginning of his mandate, when it was making problems across the Middle East.

He stressed that he was not in a hurry to respond militarily to Iran, saying at the same time, “our army is ready and ready.”

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