Details of the American strike canceled against Iran

As US military officials prepared to carry out orders from US President Donald Trump to strike at Iranian targets, they were suddenly ordered to “stop execution” without explaining the reasons, the Newsweek website reported on Friday.

The source explained that US officials do not know why Trump changed his mind shortly before the start of the strike, and do not know whether the strike was postponed to a later date, or canceled definitively.

A Pentagon official said military equipment in the area had been put on standby for 72 hours. “Among the equipment is a USS Leyte Gulf warship,” he said.

“The US forces were still waiting until 2:00 am local time, while the strike was expected within an hour, before it was canceled,” said the official, who did not reveal Newsweek. “By 6:30 am it was said that the plan was still pending. details”.

The strikes would have been Washington’s response to Iran’s downing of a US military aircraft while it was flying at a high altitude in airspace above the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday.

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