The purpose of this article is to provide you with some essential tips to put in place as quickly as possible. We have a house of more than 160 m² so it was important to implement cleaning techniques in order not to spend two hours a day cleaning.

The house has many modern elements such as air / water heat pump; swimming pool with salt or hydraulic heating. The goal is not to demoralize you by doing the tasks of everyday life, but on the contrary to make them easier.

Organize the living room

1- Pick up all objects that do not belong to the environment of the living room such as clothes, books, papers and DVDs. Put everything in plastic baskets: you can either sort them according to the rooms or according to the people living in the housing.

Thus, by choosing the latter option, you empower all members of the family.

 2- Throw out old newspapers and magazines if you collect magazines, store them in appropriate magazine doors or create storage space dedicated to this collection.

3.Create a place near the front door to leave keys, smartphones, portfolios and mail. It can be a tray or a bowl matching a decor. The hooks are a solution, but not so interesting: you will have to make holes in the wall.

For my part, I chose a decorative object (a statue with a tray). Very modern and brings a touch of originality to your interior.
4- “Too many photos / paintings pollute the environment,” says personal organizer Anna Ziccardi. Therefore, focus the frames on a side table or use the digital frame.

Another option: leave an album or photo book with the favorite photos on the coffee table. This last option is very trendy and serves as a guestbook of family memories.

5- Keep the CD / DVD / USB / SD CARD in specific organizers. If you want to keep them in the original boxes, wipe every 15 days to remove the dust. For my part, I have grouped them in a box.

6- The dishes of the big parties like Christmas, birthday does not put it in the furniture of the kitchen. A tip: separate lids from everyday life on special occasions. My kitchen being large, I added high elements in the kitchen to store porcelain and crystal glasses.

If your kitchen is small, add a small item such as buffet or better yet a showcase. You can also create a bar area with appropriate glasses and bottles. Place in a tray, glass carafes and glasses in the buffet and the effect will be magical.

7- Organize the paintings or wall sculptures. The center of the frame must be 1.6 m above the ground. Frames above furniture should be symmetrically distributed from the center of the furniture. Place them 25 cm above the back of the sofa and 20 cm away from the sideboard.

Before you pierce the walls, test if you like the new layout of the images. To do this, cut out sheets of paper with the dimensions of the frame, stick them to the desired places, stand back and admire your “frame”. Please, then poke while taking the measurements.
Always double check before making a hole.

8- Take new habits. Every time you eat in the living room, bring the dishes and glasses to the kitchen; recycle old newspapers; do not misplace keys in the house (only in the keychain).

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