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This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as a part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central.

The fall season is finally here.  That means it is time to take our health to the next level, especially for those who suffer from allergies.  Since the holidays are coming soon, we need to keep ourselves healthy.  It is a lot easier to fully enjoy the holiday season with family and friends when we have a healthy and fit body before we start all the festivities.

I am one of the many who suffers from seasonal allergies.  Fortunately, pollen is not as bad in the fall season as during the spring.  During the fall, I don’t experience a severe sore throat and itchy eyes.  In the spring, I have to restrain myself from going outside just to avoid exposing myself to the heavy pollen that we get in this area.  That’s the unfortunate thing about living in the country.   We are surrounded by lots of pollen-producing trees.  Even though I don’t suffer as badly this time of the year as spring, I am still gearing up.  I can’t afford to get sick because my hubby already is.  One of us needs to stay healthy to get the household chores and more done.

The Vitamin D3 is a must have vitamin in our medicine cabinet especially during the cold winter months.  My hubby and I try to take it everyday since we won’t be able to get the natural vitamin D by being out in the sun.  I normally take my vitamins and supplements right after I eat in the morning before I start my day.  My hubby, on the other hand, usually takes his in the afternoon.

I recently bought vitamins and supplements at my nearby Walmart. I like shopping at that store because they have everyday low prices on Nature Made® items so it is easier for me to stock up and save .  I don’t have to wait for the stuff I need to go on sale.  Actually, Walmart is my go-to store for almost everything that I need.

Nature Made® is the #1 Pharmacist Recommended brand for many key dietary supplement categories.  Nature Made® has a variety of vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS) to help support nutritional gaps with your health goals in mind ranging from Digestive Support, Heart Health & Function, Energy Metabolism, Women’s Health and much more!

Nature Made® vitamins and supplements: An easy, convenient way to help your body get the nutritional support it needs every day, whether it be to support bone health, immune health or energy metabolism (helping convert food into energy).  For more information on Nature Made® vitamins and supplements available at Walmart, visit the Nature Made® Retailer Hub.

If you are feeling lucky today, enter for a chance to win one of 60 Walmart gift cards (each worth $50) by taking part in the sweepstakes which can be found on their site.  There’s no purchase necessary to join. Feel free to visit and join the Healthy Habit Builder program to get motivation and tips around your specific health goals.

*Based on the 2016 U.S. News & World Report – Pharmacy Times Survey.
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