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Ready for a hard dose of reality?

Your degree doesn’t matter in the real world.

You might hack your way through a four-year degree in Computer Science and then burst upon the tech scene expecting your piece of paper to open all sorts of doors, and to a small extent that’s true. But really, nobody cares about your degree.

They only care about what you’re capable of.

I’ve got a friend who went to seven years of college. When he finally graduated with two degrees, he started trying to find a job coding in Seattle. To his dismay, he learned that some of his former peers were already pulling down six figures.

These guys hadn’t even gone to college; they’d just started coding right out of high school.

People are getting increasingly suspicious of the value of a formal education. The frustrating reality for many is that they’re ending up tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt with no competitive edge over those who took simple internet courses and got to work.

Even though they aren’t on the scale of college tuition, quality online courses can still be pretty pricey. Fortunately, instructors frequently bundle courses together to increase enrollment. For the next three days, one such bundle of 8 Computer Science kits is going for less than the cost of one.

features some of the most popular courses provided by From 0 to 1 and Byte Sized Chunks. If you were to fork over cash for these courses individually, you’d wind up paying over $360. From now through the weekend, though, you can grab all of them for just $39.

Here’s what you get:

Ready to learn how to code? The cost of entry has never been lower. Start making your dream career come true without ending up under the thumb of Sallie Mae. Click the button below for the full details!

Check it out!

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