Makeup Revolution Yesterday’s Favourite Lip Power Review

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This was one of my very first purchases from this brand, when they came online in India. This looked like a safe red to purchase. This has a gloss at one end, and a red lipstick for this one, at another. Take a look at how it works:


POWER for your lips!Wear separately or wear together!Get the power!

Give your lips real power, a duo lipstick and lipgloss in one! A satin matte lipstick in a moisturing formula and a super slick lipgloss with a hint of shimmer, Wear the lipstick or wear the lipgloss or wear the lipgloss over the lipstick!

Revolution tip: Use the gloss as a highlighter and just apply to the middle and on the top of the cupid’s bow for a fuller look!


My Experience with Makeup Revolution Yesterday’s Favorite:


This comes in a simple pack with dual ends. The lipstick is a lovely matte-creme red and is very pigmented. It may not be buttery, but it is true to color. This can be a great classic red color. The color on its own, lasts fairly well and is quite matte.
The gloss on the other side is a peachy shimmery gloss.


There is a lot of shimmer for a 3D effect on the lips. If you add it on the red lipstick, the lips literally dazzle under the light. The shimmer can be very clingy.

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Even when the lipstick fades, the shimmer just sticks on the lips. The shimmer does spread around during the wear-time. Otherwise, a very gorgeous lip color and gloss duo.


Pros of Makeup Revolution Yesterday’s Favorite:

• Lovely classic red.
• Shimmery peach gloss.
• Combine the two for dazzling lips.
• Lasts fairly well.


Cons of Makeup Revolution Yesterday’s Favorite:

• Shimmer smears a lot.
• Red shade stains my lips.
• Shimmer clings on for a long time on the lips.

IMBB rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Makeup Revolution Yesterday’s Favorite?
Yes, I will. I am willing to try the other duos too, since I do not own many of such dual products.

Makeup Revolution Yesterday’s Favourite Lip Power Review

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