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It has been reported that the Apple Airpods will not be released this year. We will only experience the awesomeness of wireless communication next year. 

Apple Airpods created a huge buzz ever since they were introduced as a concept in the second half of 2016. Tim Cook introduced them as the next big step towards a completely wireless future. This step is also demarcated by the rumours that they will be switching to wireless charging in their upcoming generation models. But this article is not about the future releases. This is about a feature which was promised to be launched this year itself but has seen a huge delay.

It has been reported that the revolutionary Apple Airpods will be released on in 2017. The delay may be because of the fact that Apple is trying to smoothen the development issues. Any revolutionary technology is developed after a lot of trial and error. This is what may be happening right now but this delay is drawing negative criticism from the fans and users all across the world. These are also the people who expressed disbelief and disappointment when the Apple Airpods were first announced along with the removal of the audio jack in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple announced the AirPods during September’s “See You” event with a scheduled launch at the end of October. The release was announced as delayed in November beginning. Now the clock is ticking towards the end of the year and there’s still no clear indication of when the tech giant is planning to make Apple Airpods public. 

Apple has usually been extremely punctual about its releases. It has also associated a lot of pomp and show with each such revolutionary announcement. In such circumstances, this appears to be a big let down for both the company and its fans. 
This is the first delay that has happened after the lateness in iPhone 4 launch a few years earlier.

The reason for the delay in the Apple Airpods is pegged to some technical difficulties being faced by the developers. The unique point about these wireless Airpods is that they receive Bluetooth signals in both the earpieces. Traditional wireless earpieces only have one designated piece receiving these wireless signal. Because of this modification, Apple may be trying to sort issues of audio sync and other related issues.

This delay has certainly affected some Christmas plans for people who wanted to buy these Airpods as the seasons gifts. The Apple Airpods will be priced around $160 per unit which is not a low price to be paid for such promises.

What do you think about the announced Apple Airpods? Keep watching this space for more updates in this regard.