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Huawei released a teaser for its upcoming concept smartphone ‘Honor Magic.’ The Honor Magic is set to be released on December 16, where an official announcement will be made about its specs and features.

Honor released a teaser on the arrival of its new smartphone earlier this week. However, it is notable that the teaser did not have any content related to the supposed ingenious concept device designs.

Huawei’s Upcoming Honor ‘Magic’ Concept Smartphone

Honor’s teaser revealed the new image of the upcoming smartphone that is dubbed as ‘Magic.’ Huawei Honor Magic is a concept device that is slated for an official announcement on December 16th. The Honor smartphone that is going to be announced by Huawei is speculated to sport a four-sided curved display and have a very little room for a bezel on it. It is also expected to have a very high screen-to-body ratio like that of the Xiaomi Mi MIX, as reported by PCmag.

Expected Huawei ‘Honor Magic’ Specs & Features

Huawei has confirmed that the flagship device will be equipped with the new fast charging technology. The new grapheme-aided batteries announced recently by Huawei will be a packed in the device. The flagship device is said to get rid of capacitive keys, or aperture for its camera sensors, and other ports and sensors.

Rumors suggest that Honor is working on plans to pack the Huawei Honor Magic  with peripherals as a compensation for the exclusions made.However, the reports on the features and the name ‘Magic’ of this interesting device are yet to be confirmed by Huawei, as reported by Android Headline.

Huawei Honor Magic’s Xiaomi Mi MIX Inspired Design

The Xiaomi Mi MIX came out as one of the most intriguing phones as soon as the company released it. Xiaomi made an official announcement on the device two months before the announcement on the Xiaomi Mi Note 2, a flagship device.

The Xiaomi Mi MIX offers about 91.3 percent of screen-to-body ratio, which is considerably high when compared to other devices in the market. This design has inspired a number of other manufacturers like Elephone, Meizu, and Huawei. The Elephone S8 is expected to sport a similar design and the makers are already in the works of it. While Meizu and Huawei may come up with their ingenious design sooner or later.

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