Is There Such A Thing As The Best Parenting Style? Or Should Parents Be The Most Influencial For Their Children? : News : Parent Herald

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What is the best parenting style ever? A number of resources and references show that authoritarian parenting style produces kids who are achievers and are well disciplined, among other positive results. Opinions have it that being a permissive parent delivers delinquents. Some real family stories out there prove this. But there is a better kind of parenting.

According to The Center for Parenting Education  there are 3 types of parenting, including the above two, authoritative and permissive types. The third one is assertive parenting, a combination of each of the authoritarian and permissive types, which seems to be the best parenting style to adopt. Nowadays, this may be the best option. Parents get to indulge their kids once in a while, but when it comes to rules, things don’t change. Parents keep the limits and when guidelines are not followed consequences have to be dealt with.

Learning institutions have always been guided with the principle that children learn at their own pace and take in teachings according to their learning styles. The same treatment is given with regards to parenting, there is no specific parenting style that is correct. Parents should know which approach best suits the personality of their kids. And this boils down to the parents’ relationship to their children, since children respond better and are easily influenced by someone they look up to.

They need to see that their parents practise what they preach. In the end, it is when parents and children respect each other that things begin to fall into place and homes achieve harmony. Children listen to their parents because they appreciate authority and trust them since they have proven that mom and dad never mean harm to them. Parents could communicate better when their kids are receptive to what their parents have to say.

It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

Family, the very basic unit of our society is the most important part of kids’ growth and development. Children are born in their families, whether they like it or not. So it does not leave them with much choice. Children look to parents and family for nurture and support.

In taking on the child’s support system, parents usually keep those who have the same principles as theirs. So, in cases when help is needed in sitting, they need not worry whether they got the same parenting style or not because they know they already are. In case, there are differences in opinion, each party knows where they stand and acknowledge that sometimes it is alright to disagree on something.

As kids grow older and more mature, they take part in forging their own mark in the world. They have a taste of their own independence. Their choices are usually influenced by how they were brought up at home. At a much broader perspective, parents are at peace to know that all the people who deal with their children would understand and respect all this. They will not intervene with any family issue and parents keep the final say on relevant matters.