Tips On How To Be Successful in Marketing

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Whether you’re an Internet Marketer, Network Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Small Business Owner, you have one thing in common and that’s marketing!!!

But there is ONE step I think a lot of entrepreneurs skip when starting their business and that is Market Research.

If you’re in marketing at all (which in almost every business on the face of the planet, you have to be), you’ll want to know these few steps to note in marketing

Lets get started

1. You must Know your Customer
It is so important to know who your customer is because when you know who they are, you are able to craft your entire marketing message to serve them. Here are 4 things you absolutely must know about your customer:
a) What frustrates them the most about their business right now?
b) What is it they are trying to achieve this year?
c) What do they think it’ll take to double their business this year?
d) What have they already tried? What worked? What didn’t work?
If you can answer these questions about your customer, and integrate it in all of your marketing, you will experience huge growth in your business

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