This Kid Gets A New Wii U Free From Best Buy Just Because He Goes To The Store Everyday : News : Parent Herald

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A child from New York receives a brand new Wii U on December 7, courtesy of Best Buy in Valley Stream. This happened after employees of the store noticed him coming in everyday playing with the game but coming out empty handed.

In an article published by Star-Telegram, this story started blowing up online after the store manager, who goes by the username, Rahiem Storr, uploaded a video on YouTube of some of the staff giving the Wii U to the said child. It is the perfect timing since it is the holidays season.

The child, who remained anonymous, was surprised when the gaming console was given to him. He was even playing at the Wii U area of the store when one of the Best Buy employees approached him saying, “On behalf of all us here at Best Buy, we got you a Wii U.” He looked like he thought he was being pranked, but the staff assured him that it is not a joke and that he is getting a brand new Wii U as a present for the holidays.

ABC7¬†went dark with the store manager reporting that one of the employees even drove the kid home. The boy’s parents went to the store again with him the next day to thank the staff and apparently, their son just genuinely love going to Best Buy.

Storr said that what his employees showed was a great thing to break the idea of people that Best Buy employees are rude and not friendly. In a comment on the video, he also said that one of his staff even bought the kid a Super Smash Bros that he could play with the Wii U. He was so proud that his team saw an opportunity to make a child smile this season and they were passionate enough to make that happen.