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Student Health Insurance

You don t need a PhD to know that going without health insurance is a bad idea. But if you re like most students, you ve already got enough to worry about.

It is important to stay covered, though. And when you re looking for a plan, you might find out health insurance isn t the easiest subject. You ve got to think about the premiums, the deductible, the quality of the coverage. the list goes on and on.

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Staying Covered While You Stay in School

Everyone knows health care is expensive. But most people don t realize just how expensive it can get. Sure, a trip to the doctor or dentist won t take too much out of your pocket. but just one day in the hospital can cost several thousand dollars. If you suddenly got a serious illness or injury, you could walk away with a hospital bill that will make your college tuition look like pocket change.

Not only does staying covered make good financial sense, but it s also a requirement at many schools. Of course, if you don t have a plan, your school will be happy to recommend one. They probably won t mention that you may be able to find a cheaper one by shopping around.

Student Health Insurance Options

If you re like a lot of students, you re going to want a health plan that will leave you with some extra money for the weekend. And when it comes to affordable coverage options, there are two front-runners:

Before you decide which one is right for you, take the time to talk with our agents. They ll provide you with expert advice about choosing the right kind of health plan. And they ll provide you with competitive quotes, so you ll get the most coverage for your money. Best of all, working with our agents is free and you don t have any obligation to buy anything.