Former NFL Player Tim Tebow Signs Contract With the New York Mets

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The New York Mets signed former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow to a minor league contract, the team announced Thursday on their website.

Tebow, 29, has been assigned to the Mets’ Instructional League team in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

“The goal would be to have a career in the big leagues,” Tebow said in a recent statement. “That’s the goal, right? And then the pursuit of it is to give everything you have and be the best you can and give everything. I want to be someone that pursues what I believe in and what I’m passionate about, and a lot of people will say, ‘Well, what if you fail? What if you don’t make it?’”

“Guess what? I don’t have to live with regret,” he continued. “I did everything I could. I pushed it. So I would rather be someone that could live with peace and no regrets than the what-if or being scared of if I didn’t make it.”

Tebow said choosing to pursue football rather than baseball when he was in high school was a very difficult decision.

“Since I was 4 or 5 years old, there’s been two things that I’ve loved the most in sports,” he said. “One was playing quarterback — having 10 other guys look at you and depend on you to win a game. And then hit a baseball. Specifically those two things. And there wasn’t a season that went by where [baseball] wasn’t something that I thought about.”

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