Find out how your business could benefit from a motive8 Corporate Gym

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motive8 is pleased to announced the release of our new corporate motion graphic, an animated storyboard about the benefits of having a motive8 corporate gym in your workplace.

Working alongside Aspire PR & Marketing’s associate videographer, John Ingle, who also produced the motive8 Gym & Spa showcase, we have created a motion graphic to promote our corporate gym service.

The process began by thoroughly researching statistics on the topic – to back up our own expertise in this area – which was then transformed into a script (which took many tests of reading through in order to get the statements in the right order and at the ideal length for our animation). The script was then split into sections to represent each graphic-based slide.


Making changes to the script as we went along

Due to very fortunate connections (via motive8 Gym & Spa Designer Kim Mead) we managed to secure actor James Dreyfus as our professional voiceover artist. We then booked a recording studio in Chiswick (that James was used to working in) in order to ensure that the sound quality was as sharp as the graphics were going to be. John Ingle was also in attendance on the day, to both record the script and make adjustments to quality as we went along.


Actor James Dreyfus recording the voiceover at Metropolis Studios in Chiswick.

With only an hour booked at the studio, time was of the essence. Always the professional, James Dreyfus hit the ground running and we knew from the first word that we were onto a winner! As we progressed through the script, suggestions and changes made from both James, John and the motive8 team ensured that the finished article was exactly what we needed.


John tweaks the sound levels so it’s just right!

The graphics were then added after we’d completed the voiceover. John has used quirky, motive8 branded characters to bring the information to life and give some personality to the story are were trying to tell.


It’s a wrap!

We’re very pleased to share the finished animation and hope you will feel inspired to add a corporate gym to your workplace after watching! Enjoy!

How your business could benefit from a motive8 Corporate Gym from motive8 Limited on Vimeo.

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