Field Trip | Sunflower Days

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The best thing about my job is getting to be creative…but the challenging thing is always having to be creative. Inspiration absolutely comes in waves for me, and sometimes sitting in one place creates a lull in new ideas. So I have been taking mini day trips to inspiring places to keep things fresh. Early this week, a friend posted about Sunflower Days at Friends of Pope Conservatory and I knew I needed to see it. A field of a million sunflowers sounded like an absolute dream. They bloom for a short period of time, so I squeezed two days of work into one, so I could head out to Middleton with my friend and her kids, including my favorite 5-year old I SPY DIY fan, to take in the view. I was blown away at how beautiful it was, endless row of flowers made my heart happy and left my mind inspired.  We danced, ran through the rows, took pictures, and profusely sweated on the 95 degree sunny day, ha! I think an annual trip is a must. I highly recommend heading to see it this weekend if you can!