Donald Trump Vowed He Will Leave Business ‘In Total,’ But Did A U-Turn Two Days Later

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It appears Donald Trump’s penchant for lying is only getting better after being elected the next president of the United States.

The president-elect, notorious for voicing opinions and peddling lies during his campaign with impunity, appears to have been emboldened in taking this approach to another level. Among the quagmire of confusion that engulfed the American electorate after Donald Trump was chosen the winner of the presidential election, one of the most recurring doubts among economists, and even swathes of the common people, was how would Trump — a business magnate and the owner of a number of brands — avoid a conflict of interest after taking to the White House.

This question was, of course, also raised sporadically during the campaign trail itself, to which Donald Trump’s staffers and family responded with even more confusion. For instance, when George Stephanopoulos asked Donald Trump Jr. on ABC’s Good Morning America how his father intended to steer himself away from the conflict of interest that would invariably rise if he was elected president back in September, the heir-in-waiting’s reply was as ludicrous as it was ignorant.