Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro was hailed as ‘hero’ in communist China : World, News

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  • China, Cuba faced enormous challenges from the West in the 1950s and came together.

  • The West viewed China, like Cuba, with ‘rose-coloured eyes’ and disregarded the former’s economic development.

  • During a 2014 visit to Cuba, Xi Jinping told Castro he had won respect of Chinese people.

Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, who passed away at the age of 90 today, was hailed as a “hero” in China, where he had close ties with the ruling Communist Party and with whom he was particularly popular, given the resonance of his ideas and his running battles with the West.

“Castro is seen as a hero in China and his passing will be considered a great loss by many Chinese who know the history and destiny that China and Cuba shared,” Hua Liming, a former Chinese envoy to West Asia and scholar at the China Institute of International Studies, was quoted as saying by the Global Times newspaper.


China and Cuba “bonded on similar ideologies and difficult times when the two countries faced enormous challenges from the West in the 1950s,” he said.

“Both countries faced a lot of hostility and containment from the West, and Castro’s reputation of leading such a small country against its gigantic neighbour is an inspiration for many not only in China, but even those in smaller countries too.”

He said China, like Cuba, was viewed “with rose-coloured eyes” by the West that disregarded its economic development and focused on its one-party political system.


The Global Times said Castro “is hailed by generations of Chinese people as an epitome of idealism and a warrior who fought against social injustice”, adding that he had “maintained close ties with China and the Chinese people who admire him”.

During a 2014 visit to Cuba, Chinese President Xi Jinping told Castro that he had “won the respect of the Chinese people” who “will never forget the significant contributions you have made to bilateral relationships”

China and Cuba have had diplomatic relations since 1960 and enjoy close ties. Castro first visited China only in 1995, the China Daily reported, when he visited the Great Wall, ate roast duck at a Beijing restaurant and confessed a liking for Chinese osmanthus wine.