X Factor shock comeback as Bratavio RETURN to the show

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ONE of this year’s most talked about X Factor acts returned to the show tonight.

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GUESS WHO’S BACK: The pair were controversial

Ottavio and Bradley made a surprise comeback on Saturday night’s live show.

But (luckily) they weren’t back to compete.

This weekend’s Halloween theme saw the set decked out in spooky decorations and Dermot O’Leary made a lot of seasonal gags.

bratavio x factor

JUST A JOKE: The pair won’t be competing

“Eurgh chicken”

Dermot O’Leary

He explained that the set is actually “haunted” before being interrupted by the ghost (aka a hologram) of Bratavio.

Dermot then shuddered saying: “Eurgh chicken.”

The pair caused controversy for being this year’s “joke act”.

Their first audition saw them fight over undercooked chicken before bizarrely being put through by the judges.

They made the live shows but were the very first contestants to be eliminated after landing in the bottom two with Saara Alto.

Viewers were certainly spooked out by their reappearance.

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AXED: The boys only lasted a week

“The ghost of Bratavio is literally the best thing about X Factor this year,” one tweeted.

“X Factor gets worse on scare night showing two clowns Bratavio, they are gone like the ratings,” another posted.

While a third commented: “Oh God. F*** off Bratavio. You’ve had your five minutes.”

X Factor continues tomorrow night at 8pm on ITV.