The opening bell in sports, December 5, 2016

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Good morning! Here are the plays everybody will be talking about
on Monday:

Cam Newton got benched and it came back to haunt the
The Seahawks blew out the Panthers 40-7 on
Sunday night and the very first play of the game seemed to set
the tone. In a move that shocked everybody, backup Derek Anderson
came out to start for the Panthers in place of Newton. It was
later reported that Cam had broken a team rule with a dress-code
violation. Anderson threw an interception on the first play and
Seattle turned that into a field goal and the blowout was
on (read more here).

Eric Berry had the NFL’s first ‘pick-2’ and it cost the
Falcons a chance to win.
Chiefs safety Eric Berry
scored twice on Sunday. The first was a 37-yard “pick-6”
interception return in the first half. But the big play came late
in the fourth quarter. The Falcons scored a touchdown and took a
one-point lead with 4.5 minutes to play. In a standard coaching
move, the Falcons went for two to extend the lead to three
points. However, Berry intercepted Matt Ryan’s pass and returned
it all the way for the NFL’s first-ever “pick-2” play. Instead of
a three-point lead for the Falcons, it was a one-point lead for
the Chiefs and that was the final score (read more here).

It is hard to tackle when you are running away from the
player with the ball.
Even without Rob Gronkowski,
the Patriots easily handled the Rams 26-10. The Patriots took a
7-0 on their first drive when LaGarrette Blount broke free for a
43-yard touchdown run. But the play was seemingly made a little
easier when safety Maurice Alexander ran away from
Blount for about 15 yards before finally turning around and
attempting to tackle Blount. That was an attempt that did not go