Reason why celebrity couple Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie broke up

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Sofia Richie, 18, and Justin Bieber, 22, have split and are now moving on to see other people. They broke up after their one-month romance, as per recent buzz in the media. Sofia Richie seems to be somber by her looks in Malibu while Justin is seen solo in Germany.

What must have gone wrong after all, as the celebrity duo split after a PDA- filled romance which took them from Mexico to Japan, from sandy beaches to their lavish vacations giving us impression that Justin is in a serious relationship after his split from Selena Gomez.

On Saturday, Sofia was partying at The Nice Guy and during the day she appeared somber at the treats in Malibu, on the 4th annual White Party.  And guess who was her plus one? It was Darren Dzienciol, the co-owner of 1OAK and Beacher’s Madhouse. Meanwhile, the Sorry singer was spotted in Germany on Monday.

Sources say that, Justin and Sofia “were never all that serious to begin with”, and though they traveled to Mexico together on a PDA-filled trip on August 24, for her 18th birthday. After their return strangely, the duo was not seen together. Justin hasn’t even spoken to her lately. Apparently, according to sources, he headed towards Iceland, in early September on his tour.

Reportedly Justin “is single and ready to date other girls.” Well, that’s must be nothing new but quite surprising! After he made a big scene by closing his Instagram account for which his fans were upset.

According to HollywoodLife.com, chances are this duo hasn’t actually been together but Sofia still looked confident while dating and spilled about Justin expressing that their relationship was “very special” and that it is “hard to find” someone like Justin. Justin did ask Sofia to join him on tour on Sept. 15. Ever since the NYFW was over, they aren’t working anymore. Poor guys! (Smh)

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