New study says mHealth app market getting crowded

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The largest global study on mHealth apps has been published, revealing the state of the market’s competition. Over 2,600 mHealth app developers and decision makers participated and shared their experiences and views about the current market.

Almost 100,000 mHealth apps have been made available since last year, bringing the total of available apps to 259,000 on the major app stores. 13,000 mHealth publishers have entered the market since 2015, bringing the current total to 58,000.

The increase of available and competing publishers indicates that the supply side of the industry is growing faster than the demand side, which is quantified by the number of mHealth app downloads.

Ralf-Gordon Jahns, managing director of research2guidance explained the growth, saying: “This impressive growth is based on three main developments; the growing number of mHealth app publishers, the increased importance of multi-platform app publishing and the expansion of existing mHealth app portfolios.”

The consequences of increased growth are that mHealth app publishers will find it difficult to stand out amongst competition. The study revealed that only 14% of mHealth app publishers generated more than 100,000 downloads with their mHealth app portfolio in one year.

In regards to the OS that publishers are using, 75% are developing their apps on both iOS and Android platforms.

Analyst at research2guidance, Audrone Skardziute commented on the future demands of mHealth apps saying: “The next push on the demand side will come from recommendations of traditional healthcare companies that are pushing apps to their employees or members.”