Astro health predictions — December 2nd Week

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There are all reasons to cheer up as this week is a healthy week. No health issues will knock on your door. The correct position of the health-related planets are smiling. You will enjoy a robust week. However, those who are already having the old health related issues will have to be careful.

You will enjoy good general health here. It will be a more comfortable and healthy week compared to the last. You will feel energetic and lively. There is no serious threat to your well -being. You must follow a good a balanced diet along with exercises. Consult a nutritionist if needed.

Those suffering from pain in joints will be troubled. Avoid strong medication that may contain steroids. Rely more on external application and use painkillers only when the pain becomes unbearable. For long term healing effect, you are advised to eat calcium rich veggies and fruits. Take supplements, if necessary.

In regard to health, those who have been having old health issues will have difficult and tough time, keeping things under control. You must not lose hope. Things will move on. If your current medication does not work, try some alternative medicine for curing the problem.

In regard to health, diabetics will need to be careful about food intake. Some celebrations may cause you to go overboard with your diet. Stick to diet prescribed by your doctor. Those who have fluctuating blood pressure need to now have a regular check up to keep a tab on changes. Avoid stressful situations.

In regard to health, middle-aged will have to be concerned. The old health issues which seemed to have been cured will strike back. However, Ganesha says that there is nothing serious to worry about. You are advised to try alternative medicines. This will give you a relief for a long time.

In regard to health, if you run into any health issues related to respiratory system, take prompt steps to treat the same. Avoid negligence as the things may escalate soon, if not attended promptly. Try alternative medication. No serious health issue will trouble you here.

Issues related to common cold and cough is likely to trouble you here. Try some alternative medicine to get relief. There is no major health issue foreseen for you. Those suffering from low blood pressure need to be careful. No serious threat to your well- being here.

In regard to health, those suffering from diabetics need to be watchful here. You need to check your blood sugar levels regularly to have a tab on the fluctuations. Stick to a carbohydrate-free diet and exercise regularly. Those who are prone to joint pain will get some respite for now.

A severe toothache is likely to trouble you much. You are advised to rush to your dentist to fix the problem. If you get into any problem related to respiratory system, treat the same promptly to keep it from escalating. If you avoid negligence, you will enjoy good health.

In regard to health, Ganesha advises you to remain careful about catching any kind of viral infection. If prompt and preventive measures are not taken in the initial stages, the issue will escalate. Hence, you are advised to give priority to your health and remain very careful.

Sun getting afflicted by Saturn does not sound well for you to remain healthy. Remain careful about viral infections here. Act fast on seeing symptoms being depicted on the body. Seek immediate medical help and follow prescriptions. There is a possibility of getting injured.

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