Galaxy Note 8 Release Date: Back To Customary August Release, South Korean Government To Investigate Note 7 Incidents : Tech : Science World Report

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Samsung is scheduling the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for an August 2017 release. 2016 was not a great year for Samsung. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 were considered hazardous due to their battery complications. Due to the fires and explosions, the sold handsets were completely recalled by the tech giant in October. This recall had a negative impact on the sales of all Samsung handsets across the world, seeing as 100+ incidents happened.

However, Samsung is not one to be easily deterred. It has already started planning the concept and release of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 sometime in 2017. Rumors suggest that the date is supposedly August. Earlier, there were rumors suggesting that Samsung intended to release Galaxy Note 8 with Galaxy S8 itself. That would put the release to early 2017, in February. The launch is going to happen in tune with the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2017 in Spain.

Fans and users across the world believed that a February release for Galaxy Note 8 would not be in the best interest of Samsung. There would be no buffer time for the consumers to forget the negative PR associated with the previous model Galaxy Note 7. The sales might be impacted if Samsung gears for an eatly release. Fresh rumours now suggest that Samsung is now going to stick to the August 2017 release itself- as is traditional for all Galaxy Notes.

Before the release of Galaxy Note 8, Samsung needs to address all battery and technical issues to make sure that the end result for consumers is safe. The company cannot afford another negative publicity stint. In other news, South Korean government is now being a part of the investigations of the infamous Samsung Note 7. The government team is going to work with the Samsung team to find out why the explosions actually happened. One leading cause is the lack of space between the battery and the metal casing. You can view the article and video for this theory HERE.

Even if Samsung plans to release Galaxy Note 8 all the way in August, Galaxy S8 will be released in February. Users may still be worried about their safety and the sales may be affected by this. Samsung needs to come up with a robust assurance mechanism to entice the fans back!