Shocking viral video shows man stabbing passenger in the heart

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Shocking footage reveals train bloodbath as guy stabs casualty in the heart and torso

After it was posted online a VIDEO apparently revealing the wake of bloody massacre in a Russian train has gone viral.

Train massacre


MASSACRE: A guy allegedly stabbed his victim in the neck and in the torso

Though it gives small detail of just what had happened the shocking footage reveals a bloodstained train flooring.

Apparently there was a quarrel between two passengers.

At some point a 34-year old guy used his knife and went on the rampage, slashing and killing a 35-year old man by stabbing him in the chest and in the neck.


BLOODSTAIN: The shocking footage reveals a bloodstained train flooring

“The shocking footage reveals a bloodstained train flooring though it gives small detail of just what had occurred”

The incident occurred on a train heading to the south-western from the far eastern town of Tynda Russian town of Kislovodsk while it was crossing the southwestern Russian sovereign Buryat Republic.

The space between both towns is about 8,000 kilometres (5,000 miles).

An investigation was started by law enforcement even though local railway officials said the details in the report were just not right, as well as somebody who just needed to stir up trouble had posted the video.


POT-STIRRER: Authorities have said the video was posted online to stir up trouble

Some media outlets have supposed that railway officials were not happy in regards to the poor publicity created from the viral sharing of the video.